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StandStill Baseball's Growing Group of Supporters

Tyler Johnson - MLB Former Cardinal
Lee Lacy - MLB Former Dodger
Bret Barbarie - MLB Former Marlins
Melissa Martinez - Host/TV Personality
Cuba Gooding Sr. - The Main Ingredient
Marvin Horn - Actor/Former White Sox
Lou Pizaro - TV Personality
Jerry Leggett - Former LA Rams
AJ Jenkins - Former Pittsburgh Steelers
Jay Johnstone - MLB Former Dodger
Lenny Randle - MLB Former Texas Ranger
Olympic Medalists Crystl Bustos, Mackenzie Vandergeest, Gina Oaks, Kristina Thornson, Jamee Juarez, Lindsey Klein
Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team

standstill baseball What is StandStill Baseball

StandStill Baseball is the title of a newly designed baseball game that is played by 6 players opposing 6 players. The game is similar to 9-man baseball, but is played on half the field. The rules have been adapted, changed or added to give StandStill Baseball its unique identity.

standstill baseball What is StandStill Baseball's intention?

To give baseball players who have exceptional abilities a chance to play a form of professional baseball.

Reason: There are so many ballplayers around the country, male and female, that have missed the opportunity to play major league or professional baseball for one reason or another.

This is why StandStill Baseball is now here; To now give everybody a choice.

What about the teams?

The idea is to have hundreds of teams around the country in coming seasons.

How will StandStill Baseball build its fan base?

Values: StandStill Baseball is very special in what it is looking for in a player. First of all before talent, we are looking for players who live their lives with a certain amount of integrity, pride and character. Players who are close to their families, friends and communities. Players who love and respect children and who would like to be heroes to those children and show them what a true athlete should be like on and off the field. By showing the grace that an athlete should, adults and children alike wold not only love the game but the players themselves. Let's put family values back into baseball. With the players playing the game at the highest level of skill people will give their hearts to StandStill.

For more information call us at 818-512-2910.

StandStill Baseball may not be represented or played without the prior written consent of Mike Boyd or one of the appointed StandStill Commissioners.